ONSITE Computer Repair

Have a Computer Technician stop by your Home to service your computer issue . Most repairs usually takes less then 3 hours, sometimes less then 1 . Click on More Info below to read more about our services .

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DropOff Computer Repair

Feel free to bring your Desktop or Laptop over to our my location . Most Repairs usually takes less then 4 hours, sometimes less then 1 . Click on More Info below for more information about our service and fee

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Remote Desktop Service

We could connect to your computer via the Internet if you are not able to have one of our technician take a look at your computer . Good for Removing Virus and Computer Optmization .

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Thirty5Tech NYC Computer Repair Service - Washington Heights

Thank You for visiting Thirty5tech NYC Computer Repair . If you are visiting this site from NYC , Then most likely you are having issue with your Desktop and or Laptop . Hi my name is Miko Ulloa but everyone calls me Mike . I'm a Certified Computer Repair Technician that has been troubleshooting Home users and Small Business computers at affordable prices . My flat rate are pretty affordable and one of the cheapest in the city for Drop Off and OnSite service . If you are looking for someone honest with computer repair, then I'm your guy to help you out . Feel free to use the contact information below or our contact page to contact me about your computer issue and or question you might have . Please note that my Flat Rate Service does not include Parts is only for Labor . Once again, thanks for visiting Thirty5Tech NYC Computer Repair in Washington Heights .

Washington Heights Home Computer Repair

Are you looking for home computer repair and office computer repair , then you are in luck as we offer affordable home & Business Computer repair at Flat prices . We offer all type of computer repairs for Windows Desktop and Laptops . We could help with On-site computer repair at your home and office or we could offer Online computer repair straight from my office . We also offer computer virus repair and removal especially fake Virus scanner and the FBI Virus , we have seen tons of infected computer out there and we have remove 90% of them without having to restore your computer and or reinstall your Operating System . So feel free to bring your Gadget to our NYC Computer Repair Center or have a Technician stop by your location to help service the computer in question . There are times we could offer same day computer repair , but please note that some computer hardware will have to be order online as Computer store such as Staples, Radio Shack , Best buy only carry the basic computer hardware such as a hard drive, video cards, Ethernet cards , memory ram and power supply , most of the hardware that will be order online usually will be computer fan , computer cases , motherboards and processor . Remember that online prices are extremely cheap then retail store in the area , only downfall is that you have to wait for the parts to come in . So if you are interesting in our computer repair service, Then feel free to give us a call or send us a message from our contact page . We have been in the ny computer repair business since 2001 in the Washington Heights and have come across lots of issue / errors , so we have the experience and knowledge needed to help troubleshooting and fix your computer problem fast and at a reasonable price .

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